Practice Areas

We can flexibly address your needs for everything from general corporate legal affairs to highly specialized fialds.

General Corporate Legal Affairs

Our firm goes beyond simple preventative legal methods. We will lead you from the consultation stage to the execution stage with a focus on a system design.

M&A/Turn Arounds

We propose and execute optimal deals for our clients while working with consultants and other experts.

Intellectual Property/Information Technology

We offer comprehensive advice on intellectual property in view of your business strategies.

Asset Liquidation/Real Estate Financing

We offer comprehensive consulting for devising real estate liquidization or securitization deals.

International Transactions/Asia Relations

We offer legal services regarding commercial trade deals and transactions in the Chinese sphere that center on using English as the primary language.


We strive to propose and execute the best procedures possible for resolving legal disputes.

Information Security/Privacy

We offer comprehensive advice on legal systems involving information.