M&A/Commercial Succession

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) relating to commercial succession, development and expansion are an important element of corporate growth strategy.
Tokyo Flex Law Office provides comprehensive services covering development of corporate acquisition schemes, due diligence, contract negotiations/drafting, coordination among stakeholders, pre-merger coordination of services, systems and personnel (pre-PMI) and post-merger integration (PMI). We also extensively handle group reorganization to improve corporate value and present optimal organization design concepts for corporate growth.

Major target cases
  • Support for commercial mergers in the construction sector
  • Support for corporate acquisition in sectors including real estate and cosmetics
  • Support for game production company M&A
  • Support for transformation nursing care-sector transfer to holding companies and related organizational design
  • Support for reorganization of temporary employment agencies, local department stores and other organizations

Comprehensive service provision.

  • Development of corporate acquisition schemesDevelopment of corporate
    acquisition schemes
  • Due diligenceDue diligence
  • Stakeholder coordinationStakeholder coordination
  • Contract negotiations/contract draftingContract negotiations/
    contract drafting